Our Naturehike Range

Here at The Boma Outdoor, we like to make sure that the products that we offer at our store are are of good quality at the best possible price. 

When our products are used by professionals and they have good comments, then we know that we are on the right track!

In 2020, World Hitchhiker tested and reviewed some of the Naturehike product that we sell and we are pleased to see that he was more than satisfied.

Here are some of his comments:

Backpack tent

Especially the tent was super high quality for it’s price. I don’t think I can find the same quality for this price considering it’s small pack size and the lightweight aspect of it.

Gas burner for cooking

The gas burner always works and seemed to be made of good quality metal. It perfectly fits in all five gas bottles from different brands I used. Perfect for cooking while backpacking because their gas burner is super small.

Waterproof bag and towels

The waterproof bag and towels are still good. They what they should do, they work. Even still after 11 months of using them. Great isn’t it?

Verdict: NatureHike Brand Review

As you already can guess I am very positive about the NatureHike brand. That’s why I would definitely recommend the NatureHike products.


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